Sunday, September 18, 2016

Be Brave

Initially, if I got the chance to re-write the book of my life I would have revised 2016.

I wouldn't have cried as much. I would have unquestionably removed the crash at my favorite race; Ironman Placid.  My revised chapter would have been easier.

It would have been easier, but it would NOT have been better.  I wasn't physically stronger or faster after crashing yet I was genuinely grateful, mentally invincible and Braver. Not to mention I acquired a whole new respect for my body.

Was I physically ready to race an Ironman in 4 weeks after hitting pavement? Nope. And it didn't really matter, because the theme of my book is to #BeBrave....


"Give it a try" whispered the HEART.

I had every reason to bow out of Ironman Mont Tremblant and let my body heal.  Concerned friends, family and doctors urged me to rest. But I decided a long ago that when I look back at my racing career I want to remember, more than anything, that I was BRAVE.  

Brave in following my dreams.

Brave in pushing past mental and physical barriers.

Brave in racing with my heart and accepting the end result.

After Placid I made recovery a priority. I put as much energy intro recovery as I do into a big training cycle.  Early on we were unsure of any hidden stress fractures so I doubled up on salmon and full fat greek yogurt for the calcium benefits. I also added olive and pumpkin oil to my salads at night. 1 tablespoon of pure organic olive oil has triple the anti-inflammatory benefits as compared to Advil (without the side affects!)  I scheduled massages, physical therapy, yoga and slept 9 hours per night. 

I tried to do everything right and to keep a positive outlook. 4 weeks later my swimming and biking were coming along but my running was not. My mid quadricep and hip flexor still had scar tissue and a scary looking hematoma. Most physical signs were telling me to rest.

"Give it a try" whispered the Heart.

 Mont Tremblant is such a special place to me and welcomed me with open arms. As soon as my sister and I arrived I knew racing was the right decision. I craved to race 140.6 miles, thank the world class volunteers and feel the 'good pain' of racing. It definitely was not my fastest race, but it was my proudest.

Not to mention I got to see my favorite Canadian Ironman crew, eat poutine, train with my soon-to-be Ironman sister, belly laugh, and realize the most important things when the chapters get tough: Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Brave.

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  1. Delayed comment.....You Rock!!! Great post too!

    I'm hoping Mount Tremblant will be my first IM and I hope to do it in 2017. I have dreamed of doing one since the late 1990's. Been a fight ( a lot of setbacks...I get chiro treatment at least weekly and spend 1h per day on postural corrective exercise and my body still goes into twisting and spasms and has for years now and no one really knows why) and a journey (maybe I tell you that later..I'm writing too much for a comment lol), but I am going to do it some day, I know it, and then do it again... :)


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