Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Only Way To Know How Strong You'll Get...

The Only Way To Know How Strong You'll to keep on testing your limits. (Yep, I stole that quote from Jon Kent. You know Jon Kent? Father of Superman. It's got to be good advice...)

The training volume and intensity may be just picking up speed but that doesn't mean I haven't been hard at work doing all sorts of crazy things. My big season goals have been etched in stone and duck taped to the refrigerator.  BUT in the mean time I needed some short-term winter goals to satisfy my hyperactive self. The goals listed below are slightly smaller - slightly crazier - may not make me a better triathlete-but they are too fun to pass up- in no particular order:

Goal #1

Master the Pull Up. And I mean I want to be able to do 20 in a row.   Right now I can do maybe 7. On a good day. And I look like a wiggle worm on the last 2.
Wiggle Worm!

Goal #2

Master the Butterfly. This weekend I will be participating in the New England Masters Short Course Championships. Yeeehawww. I get to start off the blocks and try and complete 200 METERS of butterfly. If I don't drown it will be a good marker of forward progress.

It is a MASTERS meet so I will likely be getting schooled by this guy.
Goal #3:

Complete at least 4 MONSTER WINTER HIKES. Just because! And because I live in New Hampshire. And because the mountains are right outside my doorstep. And because winter hiking makes you strong like bull. And, and, and...

the mountains are BEAUTIFUL...

Goal #4

Take back my 2011 National Snowshoe title. Did you know snowshoeing racing was a national sport? :) Oh yeah!!! And this year Nationals are in Vermont!

My atomic face plant happened shortly after this great pic was snapped. 

Goal #5

Learn to cook....

Just kidding!!!  I hate reading recipes and I prefer the little of this, little of that method....and then a little more of this... Which is why when I attempted to cook Thanksgiving Turkey the bird came out looking a little like this:

Half raw, half blackened. And then a small house fire ensued....

Test your limits this winter!!!!!!