Saturday, August 20, 2016

Humble and Kind

After the crash at Ironman Lake Placid I feel humbled to be healthy enough to race Ironman Mont Tremblant just 4 weeks later. 

Returning to Ironman training after Placid was painful. And not a "good" painful but an "ouch the sweat is stinging my road rash" painful.  I could have opted to take time off, let my body heal as it wanted and planned another race months down the road. My body fought against me more than it ever has the past 4 weeks, but my heart urged me to press on. 

I would jump in the pool and feel the sting of the road rash. “It’s impossible,” said my pride. 

My left quad would seize up more often than not and remind me of other athletes who returned too soon after injury. “It’s risky,” said experience. 

Crashing at Placid meant I can no longer qualify for Kona this year. “It’s pointless,”said reason. 

But after each painful workout I remembered that I race for the pure joy of racing. I race to test the spirit and to remind myself how brave I can be. “Give it a try,” said the heart.

Also, how special is it to share the course with my little sister Deidre? I know she is going to have a stellar race! I hope the work she has put in is realized and she crosses that line with a HUGE smile. 

And then we both get to hobble over to the Poutine tent. Je t’aime Canada!!!!

photo cred: Julien Heon

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