Sunday, October 18, 2015


I love cycling. But I didn't particularly want to ride my bike a total of 7.5 hours this weekend.  I begrudgingly wiggled into my VELOCIO wool socks, Wyman Signature RECON overpants, Wyman Signature thermal bib short, Wool Long Sleeve, Wind Vest, Riding Jersey, cycling hat, cycling shoes, Velocio Zero booties. Done.

And then I had to PEE.

It snowed here in New Hampshire.  The thermostat never clocked in above 38 degrees.  My toes were the first to tell me that.  They were frozen. I ran off the bike and my little feet felt more like little ice bricks.   

I love my BIKE. On most weekends, all I need is my bike, the workout, the outdoors and I am a happy camper.  I follow the training and keep to the basics because I know that is when fitness comes around.

Pretty! And then it snowed.

Fitness is stubborn and won't give in easily.  It has dogged determination despite your best efforts.  So you must put yourself in a position for fitness to find you. Everyday.  It's really no use to hope or to day dream.  You can't hope for fitness but it is attracted to the distinctive stench of sweat.  Put your nose to the grindstone and do the work. Even when your toes freeze.  The tough work you undertake will eventually pay off to the extent it may actually turn your life around.  And it is NOT simply a chance-thing.      

Done hoping for fitness? Ready to DO WORK? I am accepting applications for coached athletes now. 

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