Sunday, November 29, 2015


How we see the world is created by our past experiences.  In 2014 I had a very successful season and I recently spent some time looking back at that training model and I almost e-mailed my coach to propose we do the exact same thing to prep for 2016. And then I had a brilliant idea.
'Just got a brilliant idea' face

Training is complex. Training to excel at 3 sports is even more so.  I can’t help but have faith in my 2014 season build up, what worked, and who influenced me along the way.  But I want to grow as an athlete.  And I’m talking about on all levels. It is not just about getting faster and stronger. It’s about training the mind. Thinking outside the box and avoiding the default to our comfort zone.  

It seems obvious but we are all biased toward favoring what we know, what we believe in, who influences us, what we excel at. Perhaps that’s why my intelligent strength coach friends live in a world of sets, and reps and are confused in regards to the point of my Saturday Long runs.
Church of Saturday Long Run

I prefer certain workouts prescribed by my coach because I am biased towards them. Where does the bias come from?  Probably the workouts I enjoy are because those are the ones I excel at.  These workouts in turn make me feel strong and that feeds the cycle.  But is that what I need now?

Being biased is not ALWAYS a bad thing. Learning from what has worked is obviously important.   Just as important is learning from poor performances or injury and avoiding what did not work.  But I don’t want to get stuck in a rut, defaulting to my comfort zone.  I am branching out for a little winter side project and this excites me!

So what is all this rambling about? I know you are all on the edge of your seats. This winter’s project (along with training 15-18 hours per week for the old Ironman thing) is entitled the MILE CHALLENGE. 

DISTANCE: Race an indoor mile on the track at the end of January
 - Break 5 min ( please refrain from laughing)
- Wake up some hibernating fast twitch fibers
- Delve into the unknown
- Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Who is with me?!?!? ;)

Editors Note: After this post was published Amber completed her first mile workout involving repeat 200’s.  Her hip flexors remain intact.

Follow along this winter to see if I CONQUER THE MILE!!!

And I can't sign off without giving a MASSIVE thanks to my sponsors this year: