Sunday, February 15, 2015

Embrace What Defines You

Embrace What Defines You: 4 simple words that are not always so simple to stay true to.

It is never easy to say you have moved on even if it is only in reference to the sponsorship world. My reason for leaving the Maverick Multisport squad this year was simple but hard to make. The decision to change directions was because I wanted to team up with some terrific local companies.  I am truly grateful for the support they gave me in 2014 and the wonderful relationships that transpired. And now from this end, spring new beginnings.

I wanted to put my heart into my 2015 sponsors like I put my heart into training and this sport.  I wanted to EMBRACE what I believed in and I wanted to be a sponsored athlete in an environment that is open to collaboration.  In 2015 I am dreaming of another level of possible and here is the team that will help me raise the bar.

Northeast Delta Dental and Tom Raffio.  This outstanding company and CEO are highly involved in the NH community. Tom is EPIC and has a goal of running 100 races in the 2015 calender year. Holy moly. Talk about putting me to shame.  Tom and Delta Dental have offered to cover some of my travel expenses for the 2015 year and I am honored and grateful.  In return I will be participating in Delta Dental Radio talk shows and will be live on 107.7 The Pulse as well as choosing some local NH races to participate in. (I think part of the contract also stated that I brush my fangs at least 2 times per day.) DOH!

 VELOCIO: My apparal/kit sponsor for 2015 is Velocio. Ever heard of it? Well if you haven't, hold onto your caps. This company is passionate about everything that matters. Design, detail, fit, quality of fabrics and a promise to make sure their mills are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I actually got to design my own kit for 2015 and and this will be the tri kit that is sold online. And if there is one phrase that sums up this new company it is that they 'sweat the details.' Its evident the company worked tirelessly to hunt down the best fabrics to make garments that are hand sewn in Italian mills. After a 5 hour trainer ride when I am usually feeling EVERYTHING the ruthless reliability of the quality and detail of the fabric shines through. I am 100% stoked on this let’s-look-at-this-differently brand.  

The Mid Jacket is one of my favorite winter riding/running pieces. I snowshoe raced in Canada in -15 degrees and was actually quite toasty and dry. 

If you know me you know I am serious about food and drink! I was so serious about the latter during the off-season that my current training focus is to #burnoffthechristmascookies. I am also very serious about race nutrition and fueling plans and consider this the 4th discipline.  This is the reason I am sticking with Infinit Nutrition for the 2015. I do believe that Infinit is an absolute game changer. When you find a company that makes a powerful customizable (oh yeah that's a it!) isotonic all in one nutrition solution you can't help but picture yourself like this:
No big deal.

4 hour trainer rides = 8 bottles of Infinit Custom Blend.

MC CYCLE and SPORT.  Wanting to support a local brand/shop and hop back on a Felt I decided to partner up with Myles Chase and MC Cycle and Sport located in Laconia. I send everyone looking for great service and product to this shop. Myles has outstanding customer service and top notch brands.  He is passionate about the sport and is a talented athlete himself. The shop is also very passionate about setting a healthy living example and are passionate about getting the community out running, biking, hiking and skiing.  There are multiple group workouts each week which give you a double dose of sweat and shenanigans.  The shop is in their 10th year and Myles and crew challenge you to #LevelUp and make 2015 an epic one!
Two thumbs up for MC Cycle and Sport

Back on the Felt Baby! #LevelUp
 Zone 3 Wetsuits. Let's start by saying I have a very bizarre body structure. You could say I have the body of a 12 year old boy with lats like a line backer. These 2 gems made it nearly impossible for me to squeeze this oblong body of mine into a wetsuit over the years. And then ZONE 3 came along and saved me! Holy awesomeness. Besides for the new freedom my arms and lats are enjoying in this wetsuit Zone3 also fabricated a very low neck line. No more getting choked out by the neoprene mid swim means Amber can smile even harder!

Beet Performer. Drink daily and Drink lots. You get 15% off if you use Ambertri at checkout. That's all. Enjoy!

Rudy Project Award winning technology. And I get to rock an orange helmet. Oh yeah!

Rotor Components. Customer service matters. And Rotor is superior. Also Q-rings are the BOMB!

In 2015 I challenge you to Embrace What Defines You even if it gets a little hard... Be true to yourself and never stop believing. Chase your dreams with reckless abandon because nothing is impossible.