Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quick Update: The Dirty Double - Florida Edition

In 7 days this crazy kid will toe the line of Miami 70.3 ready to fight hard and then recover harder because after Miami, and just 6 days later, I will be toeing the line of the Florida Ironman. The purpose of the dirty double is to try and scoop up some points for the 2014 season, use up my fitness, and to honor my crazy self! I am lucky the boss OK'd my request even though I'm sure multiple eye rolls ensued after he got my e-mail begging to race back to back.

Now that I'm in a bit of a taper mode I am able to look back at the past 4 weeks with a smile. The volume during the past 4 weeks was LARGE! Big rides, big runs, copious amounts of GU, lots of laughing, a little pouting but nothing that these 2 staples couldn't fix:



I am happy to report that I stayed mentally tough and nailed every workout. This does NOT mean every workout was pretty but I made a habit to train the MIND during rough patches and practiced positive thinking when the going got tough.  Because unless your super human there is nothing easy about a 6 hour the rain...with 2 flats.  

After 70.3 World Champs, the house cleaning, phone calls and blogging went out the window because I was either here:

OR here:

OR Here:

And sometimes I really wanted to be here on the back of this:

But now that the work is done I'm super excited to race! I have nothing to lose and I am going to put up a great big fight!