Race Schedule and Results

2018 Race Schedule
February 4th: Superbowl Chili 5k-1st Overall

March 4th: Bike to the Clouds- 1st Overall

March 10th: Snowshoe Nationals- 4th Overall- Qualified for the National Team!

May 20th: Barcelona 70.3 - 6th Overall

June 16th: Mt Washington Road Race

June 24th : Mont Tremblant 70.3

July 8th: Loon Mountain Race

July 22nd: Ironman Lake Placid

August 31-September 2nd : The Rut!!!

2017 Results: 
March 3-14: PBM Coaching camp 

April 22:  IRONMAN Texas  Not recovered from the flu- tried but just couldn't continue racing :( (report)

May 18: Rock n Race 5k-4th (report)

May 27-29: Killington stage race-8th overall

June 17: Delta Dental Mount Washington road race-5th Overall

June 25: Mont Tremblant 70.3-5th Overall

July 15 - Bill Lutti -4th overall

July 16th - Newtons revenge - 

August 13 - Steelhead 70.3 -9th overall(report)

August 19 - MOUNT WASHINGTON Bike Race -4th overall

August 26- Kearsarge Hill Climb- 1st Overall

Oct 1 - Traveler's Half Marathon-2nd Overall

Oct 15 - Ironman Louisville -16th

2016  Results

February 27th: Snowshoe Nationals
, Ogden, UT-6th overall(report)


April 10th:Texas 70.3- 10th Overall

April 23rd: Quabbin Bike Race(Pro and CAT 1-3)- 2nd Overall( see report)

May 19th- Rock N Race- 2nd Overall

May 22nd: Chattanooga 70.3- 6th overall(See Report)

May 26-29th: Killington Stage Race(Pro and CAT 1-3)-2nd Overall (see Report)

June 18th: Mount Washington Road Race 4th (see Report)

June 26th: Ironman Austria- 4th overall(see Report)

July 24th: Ironman Lake Placid-BIKE CRASH(see Preview)

August 21st: Ironman Mont Tremblant-4th Overall (see Preview)

November 27th- Ironman Cozumel (see Preview)

2015 Results

January 31- World Snowshoe Championships - 4th Overall

March 29- African Ironman Championships-  South Africa- 14th Overall (see Report or Preview)

May 24 - Pineland Farms 25K -

June 20- Mount Washington Road Race-
6th Overall(Report)

June 28 - Coeur d'Alene Ironman -4th Overall(See Report)

July 18- Laugavegur Ultra Marathon, Iceland- 1st Overall CHAMPION!(see Report)

August 16- Timberman 70.3-10th Overall (see Preview)

August 28- Kearsarge Hill Climb- 1st! 

September 4-7- Killington Stage Race-1st overall Cat 3-4(see Report)

November 15- Ironman Arizona (See Preview)


March 1- US Snowshoe Championships- CHAMPION (see Race Report)

March 8- Winter Triathlon(Quebec)-8th

April 13- Florida 70.3- 4th(see Race Report or Preview)

May 18- Ironman Texas-3rd(see Race Report or Preview)

June 8- Eagleman 70.3- 6th(see Race Report or Preview)

July 27- Lake Placid Ironman- CHAMPION (see Race Report or Preview)

August 17-Ironman Mont Tremblant-2nd(see Race Report or Preview)

October 11-Ironman World Championships( see Race Report or Preview)


March 17 - San Juan 70.3- 11th Overall (see Race Report or Preview)

March 30 - Oceanside 70.3-10th Overall (see Race Report or Preview)

April 27- Quabbin Bike Race-2nd Overall(see Race Report)

May 4 - US Pro Championships - St. George- 16th Overall (see Race Report or Preview)

May 16 - Rock n Race 5k-1st Overall

June 9 - Eagleman 70.3- 3rd Overall(see Race Report or Preview)

June 23 - Mont-Tremblant 70.3-4th Overall(see Race Report or  Preview)

July 7 - European Pro Ironman Championships, Germany- 13th Overall (see Race Report or Preview)

August 3 - Top Notch Triathlon- 1st Female, 6th Overall-Course Record!(see Race Report)

August 18th - Timberman 70.3- 3rd Overall(See Race Report)

Sept 8 - 70.3 World Championships -22nd Overall(See Race Report or Preview)

September 28- Kearsarge Hill Climb-1st Female

October 27- Miami 70.3- 7th Overall(Preview or Danny's Report)

November 2- Ironman  Florida- 7th Overall(See Race Report)


March 31- California 70.3 - 9th Overall(see Race Report)

April 22- New Orleans 70.3 - 9th Overall

May 15th-Rock N Race- 1st Overall(see Finish Line Photo)

June 3- Mooseman 70.3 - 4th Overall(see Race Report)

June 10-Eagleman 70.3- 5th Overall(see Race Report)

August 4th- Top Notch Tri- 1st Overall- COURSE RECORD(see Race Report)

August 19th- Timberman-Swim/Bike ONLY

August 26th-Rev 3 Old Orchard Beach- 6th Overall(see Race Report)

September 8th- Pumpkinman Sprint- 3rd Overall(see Race Report)

September 9th- Pumpkinman Half-Ironman- 1st Overall(see Race Report)

September 30th- Pocono Mountain 70.3-2nd Overall!(see Race Report)

October 28th- Miami 70.3- 11th Overall

November 18- Ironman Arizona- 11th Overall(see Race Report and Preview)