Wednesday, May 18, 2016

About The Bike

In honor of bike to work week (May 16-20th) I thought I might discuss my last bike endeavor/race: Quabbin Road Race.  In short, bike racing looks romantic on paper but really it is one of the most physically and emotional demanding things.  

And here is why: You have to THINK! You actually, have to be really smart while pedaling really fast. And you have to be sneaky.  I am none of those. Well, maybe I am a little sneaky while tip-toeing to steal the last cookie from the cookie jar - but definitely not smart.

To excel as a bike racer you also need: fearlessness, speed, astuteness, tactics, raw horsepower, patience and the bravado to take risks. I only have a few bike races under my belt and in this short time it is very apparent that bike racing also stimulates the brain to produce norepinephrine.  This production  allows you to process much more information on a subconscious level, leading you to perceive an elongation of time. So the burn in the quads bike racing elicits is perceived and duly etched in your brain.  Yet I am come back for more! (See, not very smart)

I started the day with my normal smoothie of Infinit Nutrition, Beet Juice, lemon, jalapeno, ginger and spinach (Disclaimer: May require a stomach of steal but it is very energizing) and did a 15 min warm up on the Felt roadie.  The race started with the normal neutral start and we all lollygagged and rolled down hill for about 3 miles. Can I suggest Ironman adapt the neutral start? It is a much more relaxed way to get the day going. No jockeying for position - just smooth sailing and chit chatting.

But as soon as the lead moto gave the command I was all business. Straight to the front like the fearless leader dumb dumb. I tried to set a good pace and cover all of the moves initiated by the girls with raw horsepower.  And then I got really, really tired. So I sat back for a bit and tried to think smart thoughts but before I knew it some quadzilla made a super move and I got antsy and fought my way back to the front. At the halfway point there were sneaky attacks coming from all angles including one massive attempt through an aid station! I am a triathlete and require at least 2000 calories per hour so I was a little slow to cover this move but I eventually did.  And then another attack! I thought for sure this one would stick as 4 of us were charging hard up a large hill but a few others latched back on to make for a robust 15 girl pack going into the final 3 mile climb to the finish.  Full on norepinephrine and quad burn. I battled to 2nd overall but took first in the pull-for-as-long-as-you-can category so I considered it a win. :)

Thumbs up for dumb dumbs!

Obviously it is ALL about fashion. @VelocioApparal

Female Cat 1/2/3 Podium

Getting beat for the win due to my lack of tactics.

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