Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Things Start To Happen

And then things start to happen.

Don't worry. Don't stew.

Just go right along.

You'll start happening too.

Of course I'm quoting the one and only Dr. Suess but things have been HAPPENING!!! 

February was the month of Snowshoe Nationals in Utah. 

Utah is rad.

Utah is beautiful. 

Racing at 9000 feet is none of the above.  

I was in great shape heading into this race ready to defend my 2014 title. Instead, I was 6th.  I waffled between feeling like an undercooked souffle and a rolled up, empty tube of toothpaste. 

Actually, during the race I came up with a few similes my body felt like while racing at altitude:

1.) A brown, empty banana peel without purpose
2.) Muhammad Ali's sparring partner 
3.) An accordion on the last day of Octoberfest

Altitude is no joke. But I raced aR and realized racing with plenty of o2 molecules takes top priority. 

Accordion on the last day of Octoberfest. 

A rolled up, empty tube of toothpaste

It was time now to jet off to Tuscon, Arizona for PBM COACHING CAMP!   In addition to some rad workouts there was plenty of laughing, minimal puckering and maximal effort.  My favorite workouts were the long climbs (Mount Lemon and Mount Kitt) in the areo bars. Riding in a big gear up these ascents is great for building glut strength and in my opinion transfers quite well to bike power on flats with a head wind.  Another possibly obvious but also essential pro training tip: Pack extra nutrition. It is impossible to fuel yourself with the following:

1.) an empty Infinit bottle
2.) angry words
3.) an arm warmer
4.) prickly pear cacti

I know because I attempted all 4 during the last miles of a steamy 104 mile day which included a 'race' up Mount Kitt. 

Me and my petite friend Andrew Fast hammering up Mount Kitt
And now it's time to jet off to Galveston, Texas for the 1st Ironman of the year....


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